Matt Farci

Matt Farci is a professional life coach based in London
(BA HONS, Co-Active Coach) .

His international background in performing arts has proven to be pivotal in developing a unique coaching style to assist individuals in the realisation of their true potential fabulous self.

Matt has the gift of an inquisitive and creative mind with the ability to identify an individual’s strengths; thus enabling these characteristics to be further developed with the aim of fulfilling their goals and ambitions. This development is achieved against the backdrop of a sympathetic, yet challenging coaching style with a proven track record of effectiveness.

…basically, he’s bloody brilliant!


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A little about me

(Coaching is all about you. But since you asked…)

Journey To coaching


I pride myself on the fact that I have always followed my passions. I’ve set goals and I’ve gone on a full focussed mission to achieve these goals. It’s confirmed to me that anything is possible and I truly believe that if we set our sights on something, set out the necessary stepping stones, our dreams are for the taking.

That being said, it’s not always plain sailing and so It’s important to let you know why I’m here, why I coach people and why I love the job I do. I certainly wouldn’t want you to think my life is always instagram filtered and unobtainably polished 24/7. It isn’t and that certainly isn’t what this is all about. It’s about us living and learning. Mistakes WILL happen, successes DEFINITELY WILL happen. Whether its fail or fly, it’s about the learning we take along the way and it’s this learning that is ultimately going to push us forward towards the goals, dreams and potential we envisage for ourselves.

So here’s the thing…..I’ve been there; gone through the times of feeling lost, lacking in focus. I’ve been to “destination procrastination” many times and I will no doubt give it a visit from time to time in the near future. I’m certainly not immune to that, but what I’ve learnt is that when in “the slump”, there are always options to explore. Exploring these options through coaching have made me realise that the answers are all there (sometimes deep inside, sometimes you’ve really got to go looking for them, but they are there). I have the answers, the power, the strength and the focus to take me to wherever and whatever I want. Guess what? YOU do as well!

Why I coach

After years of achieving and accomplishing I suddenly felt stuck and stagnant. I’d tripped and lost my footing in life and wasn’t sure where the hell I was heading. Ironic really, as from the outside I had the perfect relationship, the dream job, fantastic wage, supportive network of friends and family. I’d ticked the boxes set out by social standards and yet I was utterly miserable, tired, overworked and struggling with anxiety and depression. My life was out of balance.

It was taking a step back from the constant grind, exploring what I really wanted (through coaching and a binge of self-help books), re-finding my focus, that made the shift and bought a perspective that allowed for a balanced and ultimately happier me. Coaching and self exploration opened my eyes to new ways of thinking, an allowance “to go there”, to explore the discontent and understand what it really was that I wanted out of my life.

Having such a positive experience with coaching made me want to share this with other people - people like you. The gift of giving…’re welcome!


  • I’ve had a performing career taking me all over the world.

  • I was 1st place Men’s UK yoga champion/4th in the world that year…who’d have thought?!

  • I’ve learnt that authenticity is the key to my happiness.

  • I’m a not so secret fan of the Spice Girls, Janet Jackson, Britney and Steps….all of the greats!

The Bad(ass)

  • I’m a trained Co-Active coach

  • I’ve taught hundreds of people to literally fly, as aerial captain for Disney Theatricals and Stage-Entertainment.

  • I have a crafting blog and write for various monthly crafting publications.

The Ugly

  • Crying uncontrollably through my first ever coaching session…just so we’re clear, I was the client.

  • Bubble Tea...just don’t get it?! It’s like slurping on snot.

  • Me after a night of drinking white wine…when will I learn?!


MATT FARCI - Coach to the FAB